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The Library Publishing Coalition hits a major milestone this week as we welcome our 70th member institution: University of Alberta! To celebrate, we have asked them to answer a few questions:

Tell us a little about your library and your publishing activities!

University of Alberta is a large, research-intensive university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and home to a fantastic library team. The Libraries, which includes the University of Alberta Press, offer free journal hosting services to any Canadian journals committed to open access.

Why did you decide to join LPC?

We are excited to join the LPC community in order to learn from and engage with fellow members. We look forward to also sharing our experiences and giving back what knowledge and expertise we can to this group. We feel the goals and activities of the LPC align very nicely with our own! LPC membership complements other partnership work we are involved in, e.g. UAL is a PKP Development Partner.

How do you think membership will benefit your organization?

LPC offers a large community (70 members strong!) working to influence and reshape scholarly communications through the engagement of libraries as active partners in this process. The LPC will no doubt provide us with many sources of inspiration and encouragement, and with helpful supporting resources and a growing community of potential collaborators to join forces with in doing this work.

Are there any aspects of membership that you are particularly excited to tap into?

Collaborating with the community to promote and support the work libraries do (and have long done) in publishing will be rewarding work. Connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations via the conference and communication channels will help our staff learn and grow in their own initiatives as well. A number of the committees and working groups look to be doing interesting work. We look forward to joining these efforts!

While we are welcoming the University of Alberta, we also wanted to take a moment to recognize and celebrate all of our members and the amazing community that they have built. Hats off to each one to you!

Onwards and upwards,
The LPC Staff

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