Day/time: May 10, 2023, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. ETD

Title: Book Usage Metric Sharing and Use Guardrails: Developing Ethical Principles and System Requirements to Protect Reader Privacy and Automate Multi-Publisher and Platform OA Book Usage Data Exchange and Aggregation

Presenter: Ursula Rabar, OA Book Usage Data Trust Community Manager, OPERAS (Open Scholarly Communication in the European Research Area for Social Sciences and Humanities)

Description: While COUNTER standards and APIs help library publishers access book usage data from multiple platforms and services, substantial staff time is often needed to interpret and aggregate data into a single report for a book, author, or funder. Anticipating increasing demand for holistic and contextual OA publishing impact reporting, the OA Book Usage Data Trust (OAeBUDT) effort has been bringing together stakeholders to improve cross-platform usage data exchange and aggregation.

In this session, the library publishing community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on draft ethical principles, community governance structures, and data trust participation requirements drafted by stakeholders for community review. Participants will explore the importance of book usage data stewardship practices and policies, and why high quality, granular OA book usage analytics and reports may require detailed usage data to be exchanged in controlled environments as opposed to aggregate data harvested from the public web. Issues of privacy, transparency, community governance, security will be explored while considering whether specific use and reuse limitations should exist for book usage data shared across the book publishing ecosystem.

About the OA Book Usage Data Trust

Since 2015, stakeholders have worked through the global OAEBUDT effort to foster the secure, multi-party exchange, aggregation and benchmarking of book usage related data, to increase trust in usage metrics, improve data quality, and reduce reporting and compliance resource-burdens related to OA usage data. Prior work documented library publisher needs for OA usage data reporting and analytics. Now this community is developing secure data exchange cyberinfrastructure to simplify cross-platform usage data aggregation. With Mellon Foundation support, the project is developing ethical data use guidelines to inform OA book usage data sharing agreements and technical requirements to support data exchange between public and commercial OA book usage data creators.