Day/time: May 9, 2023, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. ETD

Title: A Toolkit for Disability Equity in Scholarly Communications


  • Karen Stoll Farrell, Head of Scholarly Communication, Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Simon Holt, Head of Central Strategies, Content Acquisition at Elsevier
  • Erin Osborne-Martin, Associate Director, Strategic Analytics at Wiley
  • Sylvia Hunter, Marketing Manager at Inera

Description: We would like to launch, present, and discuss the first version of our C4DISC Toolkit for Disability Equity for Scholarly Communications. While plenty of online resources on disability inclusion exist, finding and evaluating those relevant to scholarly communications remains a significant challenge. Modeled on prior C4DISC Toolkits for Equity projects, the Disability Toolkit is something different: an interactive, easy-to-update online hub providing access to high-quality and accurate resources, curated and vetted by knowledgeable people, that both people with disabilities and those wanting to successfully recruit, hire, and retain them can use to help achieve those goals. Like other C4DISC Toolkits, the Disability Toolkit will be openly available and will offer good search capabilities, topic and format filtering, and a variety of resource types (text, video, audio) with accessibility affordances.

We will present and discuss the Toolkit’s first iteration (launching in May 2023), which will include resources, an FAQ, and personal stories. Session attendees will get to know the current state of the project and plans for future development. In this active session, attendees will offer feedback on existing elements, identify gaps, and brainstorm use cases. In particular, the presenters hope to explore points of intersectionality with anti-racism efforts to expand on this portion of the Toolkit. Participants will come away with a better idea of how they can help make the scholarly communications industry more disability-confident, as individuals, teams, and organizations.