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The Library Publishing Coalition Blog is used to share news and updates about the LPC and the Library Publishing Forum, to draw attention to items of interest to the community, and to publish informal commentaries by LPC members and friends.

LPC’s Strategic Affiliates Program connects our community with peer membership communities working in libraries, publishing, and scholarly communications. LPC’s leadership has regular touch base calls with each of our affiliates and occasionally invites their leadership to group discussions on topics of broad interest. This work helps us to support the ‘community of communities,’ to align our work and to avoid duplication of effort. However, it is largely invisible to LPC’s membership. To recognize our affiliates’ contributions to our community, and to connect our members to resources and opportunities in peer communities, we are publishing a series of Affiliate Spotlights on the blog in 2024. 


Name: Open Education Network (OEN)
Website: https://open.umn.edu/oen/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@openeducationnetwork251
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/open-education-network/
Strategic affiliate since: 2018

The Open Education Network (OEN) is a vibrant, supportive community working to advance open educational practices. Our membership represents higher education institutions, consortia, and regional systems across the U.S., as well as international growth that’s broadening and enriching our understanding of open education from a global standpoint.

We achieve our goals locally and collectively by empowering faculty, removing educational barriers, and enhancing student success. Our decisions and efforts are consistently informed by our guiding principles which center on the common good, equity, inclusivity, action, humanity, integrity, and shared abundance.


We asked our affiliates to identify some of their resources that may be of interest to the LPC community.

The Open Education Network community offers a variety of adaptable resources to both members and non-members. Our recently updated website features curricula, guides, slides and webinars on OER adoption, open pedagogy and open textbook publishing. These include the OER Publishing Toolkit, a collection of adaptable templates and resources organized chronologically by publishing phase; the Pub101 Curriculum, for people who support faculty authors; and the Adaptable OER Publishing Agreement, a starting point for higher education institutions that want to contract with their faculty to create OER.

The OEN Blog showcases our community’s open education initiatives and achievements, sharing helpful insights for readers considering open resources or interested in open practices. Monthly posts also feature OEN programming, leadership and learning opportunities, community member profiles, and collaborative projects. Our YouTube channel provides easy access to a multitude of OEN publishing case studies, webinars, information sessions, tool demonstrations, workshops, and discussions.

We also offer a range of leadership and collaboration opportunities, including the Colleague Connector Program, Pub101 Committee and Publishing Advisory Group. On a monthly basis, members of the Publishing Advisory Group host Tea Time, an informal OEN community conversation with time for “Tea and Sympathy”, when people can ask questions and get feedback from the group about any publishing topic.


The Open Education Network hosted two workshops about creating anti-racist publishing practices and programs in 2021 and 2022, which were co-sponsored by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals and the Library Publishing Coalition.

In 2019, OEN and LPC co-hosted a pre-conference to the Library Publishing Forum that focused on publishing open educational resources. This collaboration has evolved into the popular Pub101 series, offered annually to the OEN community. Pub101 is currently being adapted by the Pub101 Committee for a faculty author audience.