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We are very excited to announce that Jeremy Ottley will be serving a two-year term as LPC’s first Research Resident. Jeremy’s research on publishing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) explores a critical area of practice, and we are excited to be able to support its continuation. Jeremy has a bachelor’s in creative writing from Emerson College, and a master’s in the business of publishing from George Washington University.

About the Research Residency

This is a new program for LPC, but one that aligns well with our mission of fostering high-quality research in the field, as well as our commitment to supporting publishing activities by and for marginalized communities. The primary goal of the program is to support the research, but we also expect it to inform LPC’s programs and practice in the field. To that end, Jeremy will meet regularly with community leadership and will provide updates to the community on his work through blog posts and presentations at the Library Publishing Forum.

The residency officially begins on April 1, 2023 and runs through March 31, 2025.

About Jeremy

“My name is Jeremy Ottley. I’ve spent my career working in academic publishing, often on the digital side. I’ve always had a strong interest in the intersection between technology and publishing. I’ve collaborated with libraries, and other campus partners, to produce books, journals, and custom course materials.

My research involves investigating the obstacles that many HBCUs face when considering campus-based publishing. I pursue this research to help HBCUs cultivate a culture of campus-driven scholarship that reflects a liberated Black perspective free from the white gaze. I believe that the free expression of the Black intellect within scholarship will help HBCUs continue their mission to incubate young minds as we march toward the future.”

About the Library Publishing Coalition

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