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We are currently accepting proposals from LPC members to host the 2020 Library Publishing Forum. The Forum typically welcomes 150-200 guests for 3 days of preconference and conference activities. The LPC aims to hold the Forum in a variety of attractive locations throughout North America that provide convenient access for our members through geographic proximity or easily accessible transportation. The LPC seeks an institution willing to act as a partner in providing access to library-owned spaces, or co-signing contracts for spaces at reduced costs. The call is open through August 31, 2018.

Host responsibilities

The Forum is financed through conference registration fees and sponsor support, and the Educopia Institute will handle all conference planning and logistics. The host institution is not required to provide additional financial support. However, local organizers should provide referrals to appropriate venues for the main conference activities, pre- and post- events, and hotel stays. The host institution should also plan to have a staff member serve as the Host Liaison on the Program Committee. The Host Liaison has a one-year, non-voting role, and is invited to attend committee meetings, but is not obligated to undertake more general committee work. In addition, we welcome support from local hosts in planning a reception and coordinating appropriate social events.

What to include in your proposal

To that end, prospective hosts should provide a proposal that includes:

  • Date considerations: The Forum has been held between mid-March and late May. Suggested dates and blackout dates should be included in the proposal, along with guidance on how date selection is likely to affect travel costs and attendee experience (weather, spring break price bumps, etc.).
  • Suggested conference spaces: 1-2 large conference room/dining spaces, 3-4 break out rooms for smaller sessions, and a space to hold an evening reception
  • Catering options: Suggested local caterers and/or required caterers for suggested spaces
  • Estimated hosting costs: Estimates or information that could be used to generate estimates for space rental, catering, A/V, and any other costs that will be involved in local hosting
  • Transportation information: Airport access, mass transit options, and regional transportation providers
  • Hotel suggestions: Hotels proximate to the conference space with an estimate of pricing per guest
  • Local interest: Suggested local amenities such as restaurants with multiple cuisine and price options. Museums, theaters or shopping districts are a plus.
  • Host involvement: Potential to access and highlight library and/or press spaces or include volunteers to act as local hosts, tour guides, etc.
  • Accessibility information: Information on the accessibility of suggested spaces to attendees with disabilities, other accessibility information as appropriate (e.g. accessibility of suggested hotel, conference accessibility services available, etc.)
  • A letter of support from your library dean/director, as appropriate.

Things to keep in mind

The Forum is a stand-alone conference, and co-location with another event is not required. However, if your location presents an opportunity to partner with another event or host a specialized pre-conference, please include that information in your proposal for consideration.

The LPC desires that its Forum be as openly accessible to attendees as possible. Please therefore consider whether travel to a destination could cause participants to face restrictions or discrimination based on country of origin, race, class, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation.

How to submit your proposal

Please email your proposal to contact@librarypublishing.org by August 31st, 2018. We also welcome preliminary inquiries and are happy to answer questions and review draft proposals.