Day/time: May 10, 2023, 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. ETD

Title: New Data Sharing Mandates and the Role of Academic Libraries


  • Michael Casp, J&J Editorial
  • Emma Molls, Publishing Services Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries
  • Sarah Lippincott, Head of Community Engagement, Dryad
  • Alberto Pepe, Authorea

Description: Academic libraries have longstanding and important roles in supporting and sustaining the scholarly ecosystem and its researchers. Data sharing has traditionally not been a function associated with academic libraries, yet new funder and government regulations spanning across the world may change that. The recent OSTP memo, for example, puts a strong emphasis on the sharing of scientific data. Implementing these data mandates is going to be costly and difficult. Moreover, who exactly will be in charge of providing a framework for processing and hosting scientific data “behind” and “beyond” funded research articles? These data sharing mandates may impact first and foremost researchers who need funding to operate and need to comply without delay. Hence, similar to the way that academic libraries have helped their researchers with data management plans and similar existing mandates, it is conceivable that libraries may play a crucial role in supporting this next generation of data sharing provisions. This library support might include advising researchers on data formats and data sharing best practices, developing and delivering training on data management and storage, and facilitating access to research data. In this panel, we invite a discussion on the potential of libraries to become repositories of research data to support their researchers’ compliance with funder mandates. We will present challenges and opportunities from three different perspectives: a funder, a librarian, and a publisher.