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The Library Publishing Coalition Blog is used to share news and updates about the LPC and the Library Publishing Forum, to draw attention to items of interest to the community, and to publish informal commentaries by LPC members and friends.

The Kudos program recognizes impactful work done by community members on behalf of the Library Publishing Coalition community.

This Kudos recognizes members of the 2021-2022 Professional Development Committee for their excellent work on Documentation Month and the Peer Mentorship program:

Congratulations to the Professional Development Committee for another successful Documentation Month and the successful launch of this year’s Peer Mentorship program. Neither program is an easy lift, but the committee continues to provide meaningful workshops, documentation, support, and connection to the LPC community. Thank you for all your hard work, especially in a year where everyone is extremely busy outside of LPC work and committee membership continues to shrink.

This Kudos was submitted by Jessica Kirschner.