Day/Time: Thursday, May 13, 4:00 PM to 5 PM


  • Jody Bailey, LPC Board President (2020-2021) and Head of Scholarly Communications Office, Emory University
  • Talea Anderson, LPC Fellow (2019-2021) and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Washington State University
  • A.J. Boston, LPC Fellow (2019-2021) and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Murray State University


In this session, Talea Anderson and A.J. Boston, LPC Fellows for 2019-2021, will reflect on their two-year terms as LPC Fellows and provide an update on their latest research activities related to library publishing. A.J. will discuss three writing projects (including a flip on David Lewis’ 2.5% proposal, a concept for a visual peer-review overlay service, and a potential alternative to the transformative agreement), while Talea will discuss accessibility in library publishing. After these presentations, all attendees will be invited to participate in a discussion of these topics moderated by LPC Board President Jody Bailey.