Day/Time: Thursday, May 13, 4:00 PM to 5 PM


  • Jody Bailey, LPC Board President (2020-2021) and Head of Scholarly Communications Office, Emory University
  • Talea Anderson, LPC Fellow (2019-2021) and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Washington State University
  • A.J. Boston, LPC Fellow (2019-2021) and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Murray State University


In this session, Talea Anderson and A.J. Boston, LPC Fellows for 2019-2021, will reflect on their two-year terms as LPC Fellows, and provide an update on their latest research activities related to library publishing. A.J. will discuss a concept for a visual peer-review overlay service that the library publishing community might be interested in developing while Talea will discuss accessibility in library publishing. After these presentations, all attendees will be invited to participate in a discussion of these topics moderated by LPC Board President Jody Bailey.