May 16, 2024 | 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. | Memorial Hall

Title: “Make it so”: Sustainable, Academy-Owned Publishing Infrastructure with CDL, Michigan, & Janeway


  • Amanda Karby (she/her), Publications Manager, California Digital Library
  • Jason Colman (he/him), Director of Publishing Services, University of Michigan Library
  • Lauren Stachew (she/her), Senior Digital Publishing Coordinator, University of Michigan Library
  • Andy Byers (he/him), Director of Publishing Technology, Open Library of Humanities
  • Katherine Parker-Hay (she/her), Publishing Development Officer, Open Library of Humanities

Description: Both the California Digital Library (CDL) and Michigan Publishing are migrating their journal publishing programs away from aging open source systems to the relatively new Janeway platform, also open source and developed by a team at the Open Library of Humanities. What does Janeway offer that has prompted this move? How might these migrations align with broader efforts to develop sustainable models for academy-owned OA publishing programs? How can library publishers, operating in a space dominated by the large commercial publishers and the platforms they own, help ensure that academy-owned, open infrastructure like Janeway is sustainable in the long term?

In this session, CDL and Michigan will discuss their distinct approaches to platform migration, Janeway’s capabilities as a platform for both journals and preprints, and how all three of these organizations are committed to long-term sustainability and collaboration with each other. The Janeway team will also offer thoughts on how development of the platform is driven by its community of users and how they are approaching both financial and technical sustainability as staff of an academic institution.