Day/time: May 9, 2023, 2:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. ETD

Title: Listening to Our Community: What Does DEI in Library Publishing Look Like to You?

Presenter: Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Scholarly Communications Liaison, Rice University

Description: This session will share initial reflections on a project intended to identify ways the library can center diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the library’s publishing services. Although library staff are knowledgeable about the current state of scholarly communications, we acknowledge that, often, members of the University community better understand–and experience–the numerous challenges faced by authors in today’s scholarly publishing environment. So, rather than develop a set of services and resources informed by what library staff perceived to be user needs, this project was intended to take a step back and ask participants, generally, what DEI in library publishing services looks like to them. This session will provide an overview of participant feedback, challenges, and next steps.

Title: The Gender Gap in Job Status and Career Development of Chinese Publishing Practitioners

Presenter: Yawen Li, School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing Normal University

Description: Among Chinese publishing practitioners, there is a significant difference between the number of males and females. To investigate the gender gap among Chinese publishing practitioners, we surveyed 3372 valid questionnaires from April 30 in 2020 to December 31 in 2020. This research mainly adopts the Chi-square test and the T-test to analyze the gender gap in publishing practitioners’ career choices, career plans, career promotions, etc. The results show that although females occupy nearly 70% of the samples in the data, males perform more competitively in multiple indicators such as salary and career development. There is also a significant gender gap in terms of career plans and career perception. However, our research shows that the gender gap is not obvious in terms of workload and willingness to change jobs. This research provides a strong factual basis and data support for the current gender status in the Chinese publishing industry and discusses the possible healthy development of gender structure.

Title: Reintroducing the Ethical Framework for Library Publishing, V2.0

Presenter: Joshua Neds-Fox, Coordinator for Library Publishing, Wayne State University Library System

Description: Conceived at the Library Publishing Forum in 2017, the Ethical Framework for Library Publishing was a first-of-its-kind document for the LPC and the library publishing community. But remarkable social upheaval in the ensuing years, along with the continued maturation of our discipline, prompted the LPC to convene a task force to update the Framework for our current environment. What the task force developed, to our surprise, looks very little like the original document. This session will introduce the Ethical Framework for Library Publishing Version 2.0, a true framework to help library publishers set an ethical baseline for their programs and activities. Consisting of four basic Frames, each with their own set of Statements and Guidance, the Framework gives the reader a scaffolding for ethical thinking in library publishing. Attendees should expect a basic overview of the Framework, insight into the people and processes that produced it, and a provocative approach to professional ethical development.