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In the spring of 2021, the LPC Board developed and approved a process for responding to racist behavior by other organizations in the field of librarianship and publishing. This process was created after being identified as an action item by the LPC Roadmap for Anti-Racist Practice. It is the hope of the Board that all organizations across libraries and publishing remain vigilant and vocal against racism and work to enact the expressed values of diversity and inclusion.

The process will include the following steps:

  1. Identification: An LPC community member identifies racist (or other discriminatory or oppressive) behavior by another organization in the field.
  2. Reporting: The community member reports racist activity or behavior by using the LPC Board contact form.
  3. Deliberation: LPC staff forwards the concern to LPC Board and DEI Committee for joint discussion.
  4. Recommendation: DEI Committee makes recommendation to the Board.
  5. Decision: LPC Board decides how to respond to the incident. This will usually involve following the recommendation of the DEI Committee.
  6. Action: LPC Board carries out agreed-upon action.
  7. Communication: LPC Board reports back to the DEI committee, the community member who raised the concern if contact information is provided, and the LPC community as appropriate.