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We are excited to announce two new organization-level sponsorships through our Publishers and Service Providers Program: the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and Fulcrum. We are especially pleased to note that both of our new sponsors are open source software developers affiliated with LPC member institutions (Simon Fraser University and the University of Michigan, respectively). Both are also participating in the upcoming event Owned by the Academy: A Preconference on Open Source Publishing Software, so LPC members and Forum participants should have lots of opportunities to learn about what’s new. We sincerely appreciate their support!

Statement from PKP:

PKP is a non-profit research and development project at Stanford and Simon Fraser University. We provide free, open source publishing/workflow software (Open Journal Systems, Open Monograph Press), as well as free services for technical support (PKP Support Forum), indexing (PKP Index), digital preservation (a LOCKSS based PKP Preservation Network), training (PKP School), and more. We are strong supporters of the Library Publishing Coalition and share their mission to help build the capacity of library-based publishers and publishing service providers in the interest of expanding access to research.

PKP | Public Knowledge Project

Statement from Fulcrum:

Fulcrum is an open source publishing platform and a hosted solution, helping publishers present the full richness of their authors’ research outputs in a discoverable, accessible, and durable form. Fulcrum is being developed by the University of Michigan Library on the Samvera repository framework, accompanied by a range of publishing services that help small publishers scale their programs efficiently. As library publishers ourselves, we are committed to developing flexible infrastructure that can assist our community’s mission-driven publishing work.

Fulcrum has been developed with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and is being made available as a hosted solution through a business development relationship with LYRASIS.

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