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December 14, 2022

LPC Peer Mentorship Program Update and 2023 Signups


The 2022 cycle of the LPC Peer Mentorship Program is wrapping up, and the Professional Development Committee is preparing for the 2023 cycle. Details of the program and how to participate follow. 

Looking Back: The 2022 Cohort

The LPC Peer Mentorship Program was launched in 2019. In the following year, the program began to focus on peer-mentor relationships, which continued into the 2021 iteration. In 2021 and 2022, a series of discussion prompts were sent to pairs monthly. These prompts are optional, and touch on topics such as dealing with burnout, strategies to conduct outreach for one’s library publishing program, and challenges of academic scholarship and how to overcome them.

The 2022 goals of the Peer Mentorship Program were:  

  •  Primary: To enrich participants’ experiences with the LPC and build meaningful relationships between peers.
  •  Secondary: To further the development of library publishing through a professional, semi-structured mentorship program.

In early 2022, participants were matched, and then coordinated meeting times according to their schedules. Pairs engaged in monthly calls and email exchanges. The committee provided monthly discussion prompts to guide possible discussion between pairs, though pairs were free to let their conversation take whatever direction appealed to them. Midway through the program year, mentors received a survey to assess the program and to provide feedback, which the committee uses to refine and improve the program. We received five responses, and some valuable insights into how the program was working for participants. Most respondents felt supported and enjoyed their time together .  

Interested in being a peer mentor and sharing your expertise? The LPC Professional Development Committee will offer the peer mentorship program again in 2023. Applications are now available! We hope you’ll join us as part of the 2023 LPC Peer Mentorship Program!

The 2023 Cohort: Timeline and Invitation to Apply

  • Apply for the 2023 Peer Mentorship Program now! We’ll be accepting applications through January 9, 2023.
  • You’ll be matched with your Peer Mentor by early February.
  • Participants will receive instructions and orientation materials in February.
  • Optional meet-up at the Library Publishing Forum (May 8-11, 2023).
    (The LPC Professional Development Committee will host a meet-up for participants. Stay tuned for more information!

Other activities for program participants include:

  • Special mentorship calls hosted by the Professional Development Committee (topics and schedule TBD)
  • Mid-year (6-months) survey
  • Post-cycle (12-months) cohort evaluation with exit survey

Apply for the 2023 Peer Mentorship Program, or contact the Professional Development Committee with any questions.

LPC Professional Development Committee

2020-2023 Erin Jerome, University of Massachusetts (2022-2023 co-chair)
2020-2023     Liz Hamilton, Northwestern University (2022-2023 co-chair)
2021-2023     Matthew Hunter, Florida State University
2022-2024     Emily Stenberg, Washington University in St. Louis
2022-2024    Matthew Vaughn, Indiana University Bloomington
2020-2023     Mary Beth Weber, Rutgers University